Our story

The story of Repo Extreme tells the origin of the brand name. 

Change and adaptation. The name Repo naturally has its roots in the fox. The fox, which belongs to the indigenous Finnish breed, symbolizes the Finnish hunter, who, as times change and the hobby field is in a strong upheaval, adapts to the prevailing conditions and copes with summer heat as well as winter gusts and freezing frosts. Cleverness, predatory prowess, knowledge of the terrain and the right choices in gear guarantee success. Repo Extreme’s products, which meet the challenges set in the best possible way, also make an effort on these issues.

We are not afraid to try something new. The bold product development that has lasted for years has been carried out together with numerous hunters and those who almost live in nature. In doing so, we make sure that our products also work in practice for the very purpose for which they were created. All of our products are also tested in the real conditions provided by nature, resulting in garments that, despite their heavy use, serve their wearers through various conditions – even their extremes.

The material choices of our products are made with careful consideration and the features above. In addition, we are constantly striving to create new innovations to make our customers ’daily lives easier. We always want to offer our customers a package that is superior in terms of price-quality ratio, as well as enabling as many people as possible to enjoy nature and enjoy outdoor activities with high-quality equipment.

Our most important values ​​are

  • Customer satisfaction. Our customers who are satisfied with our products are the most important thing to us.
  • Innovativeness. We always strive to develop our product range so that we are at the forefront of development and serve our customers with the latest products.
  • Sustainable development. We make our products as durable as possible, which our customers use for years, and there is no need to make new purchases every couple of years.

Design from Finland

We have been awarded with the Design from Finland mark.

The Design from Finland mark may be awarded to any product or service designed in Finland, provided that the company has demonstrably invested in Finnish design.

The company’s head office must be in Finland. The product may be manufactured in Finland or abroad. For the detailed award criteria, consult the Design from Finland terms.

Design From Finland marks awarded to following Repo Extreme products:

Our products are manufactured in Finland, China and Pakistan.